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Property and Loan Workout Services


Concourse Realty Group can provide aggressive and hands-on assistance in workouts of distressed loans or properties.  We structure with our client, a "hands on" asset management assignment or specific technical studies in support of a client's in-house efforts.  The scope and emphasis of the work product will vary based on the results of initial property review, or it may be directed by a client-approved Asset or Portfolio Business Plan, and often starts with our Due Diligence Services.


As an agent of ownership or lender (our client), some of the activities that Concourse Realty Group can provide in a particular asset workout plan include:



        Property Inspection

-       Deferred maintenance needs

-       Capital improvements

-       Marketability assessment

-       Physical improvement plan


        Deal Restructuring

-       Management agreements

-       Debt restructuring potential

-       Loan modification plans

-       Financial analyses

-       Equity infusions / restructuring


        Competitive Market Survey

-       Occupancy studies

-       Competitive property review

-       Market supply / demand


        Alternatives Review / Property Re-Positioning

-       Land use, zoning modifications

-       Disposition alternatives

-       Build-out, development alternatives



        Property Operations

-       Property management reviews

-       Operations reporting

-       Marketing audit

-       Proposed marketing plan

-       Lease reviews






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