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Transaction Negotiation Services


It seems that all that an owner, investor or lender does is spend its time on one negotiation or another.  Such negotiations can take many forms during the life of a project or venture.  Successful negotiations can contribute to the success of new project or help to maximize its value to the point of a property’s sale.  Concourse Realty Group has experience that includes an array of circumstances including property acquisition, Disposition, Entitlement, Development, and various Operations-Related Matters.


Some of the common activities where Concourse Realty Group can help our clients include:



Partnership and Venture Agreements

Preparing and negotiating agreements for partnerships and joint ventures, including complex earn out and buyout provisions.  We also provide strategic reviews of non-performing properties, suggesting corrective measures, negotiate terminations and other settlements.  We can act as lead negotiator, or, in an appropriate support role as designated by our client.


Loan Agreements

Concourse Realty Group will work with our client to secure real estate financing, including preparation of required property and investment analysis offering memoranda.  Concourse Realty Group provides these services not as a broker, but as an agent of our client.


Entitlement Agreements and Permits

Concourse Realty Group can be involved in numerous entitlement and permitting matters, including permit processing, plan reviews, development agreement preparation, sewer and water agreements, public-private road construction, public lands ground lease agreements, and numerous other forms of zoning and entitlement agreements.


Property Acquisition and Disposition Agreements

Concourse Realty Group can support our client's property acquisitions, whether as an overall acquisition strategic plan or the purchase of a specific property.   We also can help our clients with the disposition of land, property, and facility sales, including preparation of necessary disposition documents for borrower review and analysis.   Concourse Realty Group provides these services not as a broker, but as an agent our client.


Management Agreements

Concourse Realty Group can negotiate a multitude of property management contracts, hotel operating agreements, hotel franchise arrangements, etc.







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