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The principals and associates of Concourse Realty Group have substantial Commercial Real Estate and Infrastructure expertise, and have experience with the following selected projects:


MANAGEMENT SERVICES:   (for more information, click here)

Provided research services and reviewed business plans for an agency of the Federal government.

Provided project design concept and preliminary financial analyses for mixed-use project in Saudi Arabia.

Developed exit strategies for distressed notes, managing note sale process including marketing, structuring and negotiation.

Expert witness services regarding developer's employment agreement dispute.

Championed and obtained approval for initial equity investment in Real Estate Opportunity Fund from major bank.

Developed and delivered course on Financial Institutions Risk Issues for European and North American bankers of major bank.



STRATEGIC SERVICES:   (for more information, click here)

Assisted European bank re-establish its real estate loan business in the U.S.

Established a regional bank's first real estate loan syndication business.

Re-engineered conduit loan underwriting process at money center bank to reduce underwriting time and increase success rate.

Led major bank's re-entry into Real Estate Syndicated Loan Market.  Issues included staffing, policy and procedures and coordination with corporate loan structuring and syndication group.

Established new corporations and corporate structures to better manage several lines of businesses for a regional developer.


TRANSACTION SUPPORT:   (for more information, click here)

Reviewed and discussed alternatives for a term sheet for the acquisition of a property in California.

Development advisory and financial structuring for alternative power facilities.

Provided financial analysis and structuring for:

  First Mortgage Portfolio

300,000+ sq. ft. 



  Mixed-use Property

1.5 million sq. ft. 



  Office Building

800,000 sq. ft. 



  Mixed-use Property

750,000 sq. ft. 

   Washington, DC 


  First Mortgage Portfolio

US$3 billion sale of four portfolios







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