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Equity Services


Concourse Realty Group can form an equity fund on a clientís behalf and then function as a fund manager once the fund closes. 

Concourse Realty Group will prepare the necessary documents (offering memorandum and related schedules, filings, etc.) and coordinate with the accountant and attorney of your choice.   By using our services, we draft the vast majority of the necessary documents merely submitting them to an attorney for legal review and compliance thus saving our client/sponsor significant sums as opposed to having an attorney do the drafting.

Some background information that should be considered when creating or investing in an equity fund:  Investing in private equity typically entails a greater risk than investing in public market securities.  Liquidity is low to non-existent and the lock-up period for invested capital is often seven years or more. For these reasons, investing in private equity is restricted to individuals and institutions that meet certain regulatory requirements relating to net worth, income and assets under management.  But, for the sophisticated investor, private equity is an important asset class.  

Today, there is an abundance of capital seeking a sponsor who can provide attractive investment returns.  Historically, long-term private equity returns have outperformed publicly traded markets. The highly specialized focus, concentrated portfolio structure and the liquidity and pricing inefficiencies of the asset class, while introducing greater risk, also provide fund managers, such as Concourse Realty Group, with the opportunity to add significant value over the long-run.  Our goal is to help our clients identify unique and innovative investment opportunities that offer potential for high returns.

The following are some points to consider when choosing to work with Concourse Realty Group to establish an equity fund:



There is nothing like experience when anticipating promising new investment trends.  The principals of Concourse Realty Group have over 100 years of combined Real Estate expertise.  We have experience in all property types in most major markets.  

Asset Location


Concourse Realty Group looks for "macro-market" fundamentals of strong population and employment growth together with an economy that is broad-based and fairly resistant to economic downturns.  Also considered closely are "sub-markets" as sub-markets can have economic performance much different than the larger market.

Strategic Placements of Capital


Concourse Realty Group monitors real estate markets to identify and then suggest the most promising investment opportunities based on asset class and geography.  Thus, Concourse Realty Group can react quickly to potential opportunities while developing relationships with key partners in a particular area.

Cash Flow Approach to Investment


Concourse Realty Groupís recommended investment decisions center on the philosophy that future cash flows, not "pride of ownership", ultimately will determine the value of an asset.  Concourse Realty Group focuses on the investment objectives by attention to detail, rigorous due diligence and surveillance using conservative assumptions when projecting future cash flows and careful assessment of the present and future impact of outside influences on the asset.



While Concourse Realty Group often recommends an aggressive capital structure of its investments it maintains a practice of using prudent leverage on its assets to mitigate outside economic influences.

Exit Strategy


Concourse Realty Group believes that the time to formulate the potential exit strategies is during the investment evaluation process.  Concourse Realty Group focuses on and suggests making investments in high quality assets in superior locations that are likely to appeal to a large group of subsequent purchasers.  Preferred investments will have multiple exit alternatives.






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