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Due Diligence Services


Concourse Realty Group assists our clients with property or portfolio pre-acquisition analysis (or preparation for disposition) otherwise known as due diligence.  Due diligence often may also result from Workout Services for distressed properties or loans.  Investment banks and funds often refer to due diligence done on a quarterly or annual basis for assets owned as surveillance.  Due diligence is the tangible process of risk management.


Due diligence is the process of investigation and evaluation, performed by investors, into the details of a potential investment, such as an examination of operations and management and the verification of material facts.  The basic function of due diligence is to assess the benefits and risks of a potential

investment by inquiring into all relevant aspects of the past, present and predictable future of the business in which the investment might be made.

We can provide financial analyses, extensive due diligence studies and act as negotiator or in support of negotiations on behalf of ownership.  Our objective is always to assemble relevant information to support our clientís critical decision-making.

The scope and emphasis of the work product will vary based on the results of our initial review, or client-approved
Asset or Portfolio Business Plan. The services can include, but are not limited to:



Property and Site Inspections

Our inspection services cover all commercial property types, including Office Buildings, Retail, Multi-Family Buildings, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Industrial, and Senior Housing.  Under our direction, we utilize third-party architectural or engineering firms to provide the physical analysis of the property.



Due Diligence for Existing Contracts and Leases

Existing contracts and leases become essential information as part of due diligence for property transactions. We view the review of such documents is more than accepting or rejecting such contracts - it is an opportunity to "step into the owner shoes" prior to closing, to determine from experienced firms the additional items, issues, and operating problems that should be reconciled prior to closing.



Financial Analysis and Review

Buyers - and sellers - need to ensure that the financial information they hold is as accurate as possible, not only to prevent paying too much (or in a sellerís case receiving too little), but also to ensure that their internal control and risk management objectives are met.  A proper review of financial statements and the preparation of financial proformas should ensure that the project financial statements reflects reality.  An independent assessment through Financial Due Diligence provides potential buyers information about the project and the nature of its cash flows.  Financial Due Diligence can help to identify and focus attention on the important factors in the project's operations that will be critical to its future success. 



In addition, Due Diligence Services often extend in areas of:



Due Diligence for Prospective Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Structuring new joint ventures and partners, or facilitating the buyout of partners in existing ventures, adds additional complexity to transactions.  We assist our clients involved in such deals, by helping them with partnership agreements, joint venture documents, etc. in connection with the structuring of the ownership structures.  This work is often tied into our
Equity Services.



Deal Negotiations Support

We can act as negotiators, or in support of negotiations, on behalf of our clientís transactions.  Deal points discussed at the negotiations table can be preliminarily framed if not agreed, but always left "subject to approval by client." This gives obvious flexibility to achieving client's deal structuring objectives and negotiating points, in any particular negotiation.  For additional information about our Transaction Negotiation Services,
click here.







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