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Development Services


Concourse Realty Group has substantial experience in the area of commercial real estate development acquired through many years of hands-on experience in the U.S. and internationally, and advises owners, investors and lenders with their investment projects and portfolios.  In fact, a Concourse Realty Group principal teaches a premier and sought out course in the subject in the graduate degree and non-degree programs of a major university.  We have experience with land development and most property types involving new construction, historic rehabilitation, adaptive re-use, renovation or expansion.


The scope of our Development Services varies and is customized to client needs.  The benefit of these services to our clients is to create value, maximize returns and minimize risks.  These services can be broken down into the following general categories:


Development Advisory Services


Fee Development Services


Principal Development Services


Development management is not only about managing a process - it is about constantly making decisions and managing a diverse group of team members leading them to a central goal.  Having an advisor assist an owner with process, mitigating risks, and decision-making, is a practical means to implementing projects today.  Concourse Realty Group can direct every step of the project investment process from selecting a site and preparing a budget to hiring contractors, vendors and consultants. 


Concourse Realty Group has the technical skills, practical experience and commercial awareness to ensure that each investment receives the careful personal attention it requires.  We proactively identify and attempt to control the risks and liabilities inherent in the planning, design and construction or re-development of a commercial real estate project.  The development investment process is outlined from the beginning with a Feasibility Report or business plan.


A key part of the development process is the use of public/private partnerships.  We can provide Due Diligence and negotiations support for prospective public/private partnerships.  This work has typically included representation of the client and working with the local government and community groups to obtain the necessary approvals or possibly financial support for our client.  In reverse, we can also represent a government or community group who is soliciting third-party developer interest, solicitation of proposals, evaluation and ranking of candidate proposals, and the negotiation of key deal terms with selected third-party developers. 

Many firms provide consulting services, but few actually implement or help their client implement the suggestions made.  With the substantial experience of the Concourse Realty Group members and associates, it would not be unusual for us to be engaged to work a client out of a situation that was a result of flawed advice by self-proclaimed experts.  We are not the biggest firm in our business niche, but if you are seeking the quality of strategic and tactical advice that will position your commercial real estate investment for success and certainty of execution, then we invite you to compare the qualifications and track record of Concourse Realty Group and its members and associates to other service providers within the industry.


We find it astounding that an owner or investor would put tens or hundreds of millions of dollars at risk in a real estate investment, but not be willing to spend a few thousand dollars to validate his proof of concept or refine a particular initiative.  An engagement for Development Advisory Services is the most cost effective form of risk management for your project.  We have a tremendous amount of flexibility in how we structure our fees and endeavor to make sure that a client’s investment in our Development Services adds to the value of a project.







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